Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tissue Paper Prom Dresses

Courtney explaining the design process.
Kirsten and Heather dressing Chelsie.

Stefanie helping in the design process.

The girls making flowers for the dress and the corsage.

Emily and Madi posing as always!!

Making a necklace out of ribbon.

The Mia Maid class show off their hard work!!

Katie and her date Breanna.
All of the contestants!
Breanna, Katie, Chelsie and Jordyn.

Courtney presenting the awards.

Our Prom Queen - Chelsie.

Chelsie posing for pictures.

Jody making the Prom Punch.

April 1, 2009
Last night for our activity the Beehives were in charge and we had a tissue paper prom. It was A LOT of fun!! Each class was given 3 bundles of tissue paper, tape, ribbon and a stapler. Then we went into different rooms in the church and made our dresses. Our Mia Maid class had a great time designing and creating our dress as did the Beehives and Laurels. After the dresses were made the model walked down the runway and modeled her dress. Then we all voted for the best dress. After the voting was completed Courtney presented the awards. Dutches (2nd runner-up) was Jordyn, Princess and Prince (1st runner-up) Katie and Breanna (they were the only ones with a date, because they were the Laurels and the only ones old enough to date) and Prom Queen was Chelsie. Each was given a tierra and Chelsie also received a Prom Queen Banner. We then all had cookies and punch. This was a fun activity and we are going to start a tradition of the tissue paper Prom each year right before the high school prom!!

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