Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cooking Night - Mia Maids

Preparing dinner.

Enjoying dinner!

Tonight the Mia Maid class had a cooking night. First we divided up into teams and each team was assigned either a salad, main dish or desert. Then we piled into the cars and went to Macey's to do some shopping. Each team was given $10 to purchase their items. After shopping we went back to prepare our food. I forgot my camera for pictures at Macey's, but we had a great time deciding what to make for dinner and making sure it fit into our budget.

For dinner had a nice tossed salad with various veggies. For our main course we had French bread pizza's with pepperoni, olives and cheese and for desert we had banana splits and we only spent $ 25.00 and we fed 8 people very well. After dinner we cleaned up and watched some American Idol. We had a great night together!

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