Thursday, April 2, 2009

Homeless Lunch Kits

Getting started.
Madi and her friend who came to help us.

Jeanne, Emily (wishing she could eat some of the items)
and Megan.
Chelsie, Emily, Jeanne, Megan and Amilsa.

The finished products!!!! 117 Lunches!!!

March 25, 2009
We found out that there was a need in our community for lunches for the homeless people in our area. We were actually surprised to learn that there were homeless people in our community. So our Mia Maid class decide to do a service project and put together these kits. We sent sign-up sheets around in the Releif Society and Primary to have sisters help us with food items we needed for the kits. The items included a protein item, drink, fruit cup, desert and snack. The sisters in our ward were very generous and we were able to make 117 lunches for the humanitarian center located in the Tooele DI. They will then distribute them to the people in need. We had a great time collecting the food and then putting them together into the kits.

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