Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girls Camp 2009 - Wonder Woman!

Just before we left for camp.
Putting up our awesome tent.

All of our Wonder Women singing our song.

More Wonder Women singing.

The dance - we all had a great time dancing together!

Posing at the dance.

Ellen cutting a rug at the dance.

Iron Chef - Key Lime Pie.

Iron Chef Champions!!!
Stefanie, Cheri and Ellen.
This is a picture of our amazing pizzas we made in
the dutch ovens just before cooking.

Bro. Zander cooking the pizzas.
All of the campers.

Skits. Ours was the BEST by FAR!
We have very talented YW.

Taking a bow after the skit.

Lots of hair braiding going on at camp.

Thursday night dinner. All of the stake girls and stake
leaders came to eat with us, along with Bishop Smart and Stacy.

More dinner photos.
Still more dinner photos.

This is a picture of our Thursday dinner - it was wonderful!
Dutch Oven BBQ Chicken and beans.

Stefanie and Ellen.
We were the only leaders that stayed at camp all week.
We had a great time!
On our way home finally - but we had to wait for
a bad accident in Parleys Canyon.

Home again and exhausted - but we had a great time!
Thanks Ellen for all of your hard work.

We went to girls camp June 23rd-26th. We had an amazing time with our girls, they were wonderful to be with and we all had a great time together. The theme for camp was Super Hero's and we chose Wonder Woman. Sister Cheri Zander made us all kinds of cool costume items. We had blue boxer shorts with white stars, red Wonder Woman T-Shirts, crowns, wrist bands, belt and lassos of truth. We had the best costumes by far!! we had to write a song for our theme and Emily and Madi took the Wonder Woman theme and changed the words, it was great!
We have amazing young women and a wonderful camp director, Ellen Bleazard who makes camp a great place and we really want to thank her for all of her hard work. I have some many pictures that I can't post them all, but here are a few of the ones I took.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Youth Conference - Snow College

More lunch.
Kirsten and Jessica.
Breanna and Lindsay.

Kirsten V and Heather.

Rory, Travis Osmond and Stefanie
after the fireside.
The girls posing before the dance.

Heather and Skyler.

Kirsten and Braden.

Kirsten and Courtney.

The whole gang.

Finally got everyone on the platform.
The Trust Fall.

Lindsay.The support team.

June 12-13, 2009

Youth Conference was held at Snow College this year. When we arrived we ate lunch and played some games. Then we got checked into our luxurious accommodations (NOT) in the dorms. Then we headed over to the Snow Follies games (water games). The kids had lots of fun at the games. After the games we went back and changed and went to a fireside with Travis Osmond (Merl's' Son). He talked to us about how music affects us for the good and bad, he was a great speaker. After the fireside we went to dinner and then a dance. Some danced and some didn't, but I think they all had fun. The next morning we got up and had breakfast and then headed up to the ropes course. I think this was the highlight of the conference. They all had a great time trying the different courses and cheering everyone on. After the ropes course we went into Manti and had lunch just below the temple. The stake provided a yummy dutch oven chicken lunch and then we had a fireside. Everyone that bore their testimonies talked about the ropes courses and what they had learned. After the testimony meeting we all packed up and went home. It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ice Blocking YM & YW

Getting their blocks ready.
Reyna and Jordyn.

Braxton, Braden and Jacob.
Jacey, Chelsie, Kirsten and Emily.
Jacy and Chelsie.
Tyler, Chris, Kirsten and Emily

Jacy, Kirsten and Chelsie.
Jacob, Braden and Braxton coming down the hill.

May 20, 2009
For our joint activity with the YW &YM they went ice blocking. The kids had a lot of fun riding their blocks of ice down the hill and wiping out. Some tried to have races and others were just happy to make it to the bottom of the hill still riding their block of ice. We had donuts and punch for a treat at the end!