Thursday, April 15, 2010

2nd Annual Tissue Paper Prom Dresses

April 7, 2010
We held our 2nd Annual Tissue Paper Prom Dress competition.  This year we only had two design teams.  The Mia Maids and one Laurel vs. The Beehives.  Each team was given pleanty of tissue paper, a stapler and tape to make their dresses.  We took about 45 minutes complete the dresses.  We had a FUN time designing and making the dresses.  When we were finished with our runway show we had the YM come in and vote on the dresses.  They took a few minutes to deliberate, but could not pick just one winner.  They said they were both so BEAUTIFUL that they could not choose just one.  Here are some pictures from our night of fun.

Madi and Alicia our Prom Models.
Mia Maid Design Team working hard.

The complete Mia Maid/Laurel Design Team.

Madi in her beautiful Prom Dress.

Beehive Design Team working hard.

The complete Beehive Design Team.
Alicia in her Beautiful Prom Dress.

This was her runway announcement, by Jacey Smart.
Alicia Anne Zander, daughter of Ron and Cheri Zander, is wearing a splashing mermaid dress from the finest tissue paper around. This dress was made by the amazing; Kenya, Jolene, Reyna, Emily, Aubrey, Jacey, and Sister Courtney, members of the Beehive Designers. She thanks her sponsors, the LDS Ensign, Friend, New Era, and Liahona. And also her friends and family for always supporting her. Her dress tributes sunshine yellow, temple white, hot p[ink, and lime green. Alicia has had her hair done by none other then Kenya Russell and her crossage done by Jacey Smart. She thanks everyone!

Madi and Alicia being awarded a TIE on the Prom Dress Contest by YM President Rory.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Human Foosball

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
For the YW &YM combined activity this month we played Human Foosball in the gym.  You play the game with PVC pipe and a soccer ball.  We divided up into teams and each team had a goalie, a team of two people on a PVC pipe, a team of 3 people and a team of 4 people on one side of the gym and then it all starts over again with the same on the other side of the gym.  We used two chairs on each side for the goals.  The rules were you could go side to side on your pipe and the line on the floor, but you could not go foward and back, just like on a foosball table.  You could kick the ball with your feet and use your head just like soccer, but you could not use your hands.  It was a lot harder than we thought, but we had a lot of fun playing.  The score ended up only 2 to 1.  After the game we had donuts for a treat.

(Here is a diagram of how you line up if you were wondering.) 

Goalie Team 2

Team 2 with 2 People
Team 1 with 2 People

Team 2 with 3 People
Team 1 with 3 People

Team 2 with 4 People
Center of the Gym
Team 1 with 4 People

Team 2 with 3 People
Team 1 with 3 People

Team 2 with 2 People
Team 1 with 2 People

Goalie Team 1

Before we played human foosball we did a little cleaning.  The chairs in the gym were looking a little grimy so we did a quick serivce project and cleaned all of the chairs in the gym before starting the game.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bread Sticks with Sister DeLeeuw

January 27, 2010
We have a sister in our ward, Sister DeLeeuw who is famous for her bread sticks.  Everyone in the ward looks forward to having one of her yummy bread sticks.  Wednesday for mutual the Laurels and MiaMaids were fortunate to have her come to Alison's house and teach us how to make them.  We put in yeast and sugar in water and let it sit for a few minutes and then we added flour and took turns mixing the bread.  After it was all mixed up we had to wait for it to raise.  So we went into the living room and played the game signs.  We had a good time playing and laughing at each other.  After the bread stick had risen we rolled them out, cut them and sprinked the parm cheese and garlic and let them raise again.  After rising again we finally put them in the oven to cook.  We had soup, salad and bread sticks and great conversation with each other.  THANKS to SISTER DELEEUW for all of her help and the bread sticks were fantastic!

Jeanne and Sister DeLeeuw adding the yeast and sugar.

Madi, Emily and Susie supervising.

Heather mixing.

Kirsten V. mixing the dough.

Lindsay in her NERD glasses supervising the mixing.

Playing the games signs.  It was pretty funny!!!
Sister DeLeeuw and Emily rolling out the dough.

The finished product.  I almost forgot to take a picture before they were all gone.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Baptisms for the Dead

January 14, 2009
The YW & YM went to the SL Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead.  We had 37 people in total in our group.  We started with a short chapel session with the assistant matron of the Temple and shared her testimony of the work we were doing for those who have been waiting to have their temple work done.  We had a wonderful experience at the temple.  After the temple we went to Chuck-a-rama for dinner, it was a great night together.

Here is a picture of all of us just outside the Temple at Temple Square.  It was dark when we got out.

I took this picture while we were waiting for everyone for the group photo.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Beginnings - B.O.O.T. Camp

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
We held our New Beginnings program on January 6th.  The theme was B.O.O.T Camp.  This stood for Build Our Own Testimony.  We had fun army/camo decorations and asked everyone to come dressed in camo.  Jeanne came all decked out in army gear (see picture below).  We had a great program that Sister West (Kristin) organized and she talked about the importance of gaining our own testimonies and the personal progress program .  The church just redid the PP program/books and we were able to give the girls their new books along with some other fun army/camo items.  We are blessed in our ward to have so many talented YW.  Heather sang a song she wrote and she was amazing as always.  Lindsay also sang a beautiful song for us.  Then all of the girls sang the Army of Helaman and the Bishop finished up the program with his remarks.  There was a wonderful spirit there that night that we all felt.  To top it all off we had the cutest refreshment and they tasted yummy.  A friend of Kristins makes these fun cookies (see picture below) and they were a hit.  We had a really great time together as YW!

The table with all of the army/camo decorations.

The refreshment table.

All of the girls singing.

The girls posing for a picture after the program.

Jeanne all decked out in her army gear.

Here is the plate of the cookies.

A close-up of the cookies.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Temple Lights

December 2, 2009
For mutual all of the YW went to SLC to see the Temple Lights and dinner at Chuck a Rama.  Before we left Sister McCoy (Alison) gave us the be on our best behavior and stay together lecture before we left.  We all climbed into the cars and off we were to SLC.  We all met at the Trax Train Station by the SLC library.  We waited patiently for the right train and then we all got on, we thought.  After looking around to see if everyone had gotten on the train alright we realized that Alison was missing.  During the time she was missing she had gone to ask the train conductor if this was the right train to get on and been asked by a man in a wheel chair if she could help him and of course she did.  She did not know that she was then in a special section of the train where she could only get off the train when he did.  So she took a longer ride to the ES Arena station before she could get off.  In the mean time we were calling her to find out what had happend and she told us she would meet us at the temple in just a little while.  Alison caught up to us after walking a long way back to the temple grounds.  Finally we were on our way to see the lights.  We walked up to the nativity and listened to the presentation and then into the visitor center to see the statue of Christ.  While in visitor center we lost Brindy and Keylee for a short time, I think they did it on purpose.  Finally once again we were all together and we started to walk around looking at the lights, when we realized that we were missing Jessica.  So Alison took Lindsay and Kirsten to look for Jessica and also go find a friend of theirs who was singing at the Assembly Hall.  Jessica was found and they were also able to find their friend.  We then met back together after we had taken the group picture at the bridal picture spot and went to get back on Trax.  This time we all made it on Trax together and drove to Chuck-a-Rama where we had a nice dinner together and drove home safely!!!!  We have not yet decided if this is going to be an annual tradition or not!  (Hopefully we will.)

Waiting at the Trax Train Stop.
Notice Alison is with us at this point.

Wating for the Trax Train.

Picture of the Temple in the background of the Nativity Sceen.

Kirsten, Lindsay and Jacey.

Jesus Christ Statue in the Visitor Center.
It always looks amazing to me.

This is a picture taken looking up into one of the trees.  It look like tiny stars in the sky.

Most all of the YW who went with us posing on the famous bridal picture spot.

The SLC Temple.

I took this picture of the Temple through the red light of a tree by the Assembly Hall.  The Temple is a little blurry, but it is still a cool picture.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

November 18, 2009
Each year our YW &YM have an annual food drive.  We pass out flyers to members of our ward and ask for food donations to be placed on their front porches and we go and collect the food, sort it back at the church, box it up and take it to families in need in our ward.  We have a great ward and they alway give generously.  This kids have a fun time providing this service each year.  Here are a few pictures from that night.