Friday, January 29, 2010

Bread Sticks with Sister DeLeeuw

January 27, 2010
We have a sister in our ward, Sister DeLeeuw who is famous for her bread sticks.  Everyone in the ward looks forward to having one of her yummy bread sticks.  Wednesday for mutual the Laurels and MiaMaids were fortunate to have her come to Alison's house and teach us how to make them.  We put in yeast and sugar in water and let it sit for a few minutes and then we added flour and took turns mixing the bread.  After it was all mixed up we had to wait for it to raise.  So we went into the living room and played the game signs.  We had a good time playing and laughing at each other.  After the bread stick had risen we rolled them out, cut them and sprinked the parm cheese and garlic and let them raise again.  After rising again we finally put them in the oven to cook.  We had soup, salad and bread sticks and great conversation with each other.  THANKS to SISTER DELEEUW for all of her help and the bread sticks were fantastic!

Jeanne and Sister DeLeeuw adding the yeast and sugar.

Madi, Emily and Susie supervising.

Heather mixing.

Kirsten V. mixing the dough.

Lindsay in her NERD glasses supervising the mixing.

Playing the games signs.  It was pretty funny!!!
Sister DeLeeuw and Emily rolling out the dough.

The finished product.  I almost forgot to take a picture before they were all gone.

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Jacey said...

OH! How good they look! Lindsay actually brought home a few to share, and boy did you guys do a great job!!!