Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sponge Dodge Ball

Chelsie, Jordan, Reyna, Alicia and Patti.
Courtney and Kirsten V.

Having Fun!

More fun.

Emily and Keyli, the water fight begins!

Susie the Birthday girl!

Last night we had a fun activity with all the YW, we played sponge dodge ball. You put a small swimming pool filled with water in the middle of the field and then use the hose to make a line between the two teams. You place sponges and sponge balls in the pool and yell start! The teams run to the pool and grab as many sponges as you can and start throwing them at the other team. If you get hit with a sponge your out, but if you catch a sponge that has been thrown, the person throwing the sponges is out and you get to have one of our team members that is out come back in. You keep playing until everyone on one team is out and then start again. We had fun playing the game but in the end it turned into a water fight. It was also one of our leaders, Susie's birthday so we sang Happy Birthday and had cake and Root Beer floats. We had a great time together getting soaked, some more than others!

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