Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mia Maid Daddy Daughter Date Night

The whole gang.
Setting up the gun range.

Gun safety lesson by Scott.

Figuring out our dominate eye.

Chelsie learning how to shoot.

Practicing before the big contest.

The shooting contest.

More shooting.

The dads shooting.

Emily and her dad Curtis.

Kirsten and her dad Ron.

Chelsie and her dad Ted.

Heather and her dad Spencer.

Madi and her dad Scott.

Cute BB gun shooters.

Our Winners!
Ron - 1st Place Dads, Madi 1st Place YW.
Scott - 2nd Place Dads and Heather 2nd Place YW.
Congratulations to our SHARP SHOOTERS!!
July 22, 2009
Last night we had a Daddy Daughter Date Night in Ophir. We had a BB gun shooting contest and and BBQ dinner. We had a great time with our dads learning how to shoot a BB gun and then having dinner together. At the end we awarded prizes for the Sharp Shooters. Here are some pictures of our night together.

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Smart Family said...

What a fun activity. The pictures are so cute- you are quite the sharp shooter yourself Sister Quinn!