Thursday, April 15, 2010

2nd Annual Tissue Paper Prom Dresses

April 7, 2010
We held our 2nd Annual Tissue Paper Prom Dress competition.  This year we only had two design teams.  The Mia Maids and one Laurel vs. The Beehives.  Each team was given pleanty of tissue paper, a stapler and tape to make their dresses.  We took about 45 minutes complete the dresses.  We had a FUN time designing and making the dresses.  When we were finished with our runway show we had the YM come in and vote on the dresses.  They took a few minutes to deliberate, but could not pick just one winner.  They said they were both so BEAUTIFUL that they could not choose just one.  Here are some pictures from our night of fun.

Madi and Alicia our Prom Models.
Mia Maid Design Team working hard.

The complete Mia Maid/Laurel Design Team.

Madi in her beautiful Prom Dress.

Beehive Design Team working hard.

The complete Beehive Design Team.
Alicia in her Beautiful Prom Dress.

This was her runway announcement, by Jacey Smart.
Alicia Anne Zander, daughter of Ron and Cheri Zander, is wearing a splashing mermaid dress from the finest tissue paper around. This dress was made by the amazing; Kenya, Jolene, Reyna, Emily, Aubrey, Jacey, and Sister Courtney, members of the Beehive Designers. She thanks her sponsors, the LDS Ensign, Friend, New Era, and Liahona. And also her friends and family for always supporting her. Her dress tributes sunshine yellow, temple white, hot p[ink, and lime green. Alicia has had her hair done by none other then Kenya Russell and her crossage done by Jacey Smart. She thanks everyone!

Madi and Alicia being awarded a TIE on the Prom Dress Contest by YM President Rory.

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