Monday, December 7, 2009

Temple Lights

December 2, 2009
For mutual all of the YW went to SLC to see the Temple Lights and dinner at Chuck a Rama.  Before we left Sister McCoy (Alison) gave us the be on our best behavior and stay together lecture before we left.  We all climbed into the cars and off we were to SLC.  We all met at the Trax Train Station by the SLC library.  We waited patiently for the right train and then we all got on, we thought.  After looking around to see if everyone had gotten on the train alright we realized that Alison was missing.  During the time she was missing she had gone to ask the train conductor if this was the right train to get on and been asked by a man in a wheel chair if she could help him and of course she did.  She did not know that she was then in a special section of the train where she could only get off the train when he did.  So she took a longer ride to the ES Arena station before she could get off.  In the mean time we were calling her to find out what had happend and she told us she would meet us at the temple in just a little while.  Alison caught up to us after walking a long way back to the temple grounds.  Finally we were on our way to see the lights.  We walked up to the nativity and listened to the presentation and then into the visitor center to see the statue of Christ.  While in visitor center we lost Brindy and Keylee for a short time, I think they did it on purpose.  Finally once again we were all together and we started to walk around looking at the lights, when we realized that we were missing Jessica.  So Alison took Lindsay and Kirsten to look for Jessica and also go find a friend of theirs who was singing at the Assembly Hall.  Jessica was found and they were also able to find their friend.  We then met back together after we had taken the group picture at the bridal picture spot and went to get back on Trax.  This time we all made it on Trax together and drove to Chuck-a-Rama where we had a nice dinner together and drove home safely!!!!  We have not yet decided if this is going to be an annual tradition or not!  (Hopefully we will.)

Waiting at the Trax Train Stop.
Notice Alison is with us at this point.

Wating for the Trax Train.

Picture of the Temple in the background of the Nativity Sceen.

Kirsten, Lindsay and Jacey.

Jesus Christ Statue in the Visitor Center.
It always looks amazing to me.

This is a picture taken looking up into one of the trees.  It look like tiny stars in the sky.

Most all of the YW who went with us posing on the famous bridal picture spot.

The SLC Temple.

I took this picture of the Temple through the red light of a tree by the Assembly Hall.  The Temple is a little blurry, but it is still a cool picture.


Jacey said...

That was SOOO fun, I hope we make it a tradition!!!

Our McCoy Family said...

I think the part we will make a tradition is me staying with the group! LOL!

BrandonKristin said...

It was fun, next time we will just have to keep the girls on a leash, oh and Alison! HA HA HA