Monday, November 30, 2009

Pie Making - Mia Maids

November 11, 2009
A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving our Mia Maid class learned how to make pies.  Everyone showed up for this activity and we were all crammed into Susie's kitchen - 10 of us making pies.  We had a great time learining how to make the crust, rolling them out, baking them and then making the pudding for most of the pies and pouring it into our crusts.  Emily and Kirsten made a couple of fancy fruit pies with double crusts that look really good.  Here are some pictures of our fun night together. 

Measuring out our ingredients.

More measuring.

Still more measuring.

Rolling out the pie dough and forming into our pie pans.

Some of our pies.

Relaxing while the pies are baking.

Pies baking.

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