Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Homemaking Relay

Jordyn ironing.
Jeanne ironing.

Emily, Chelsie and Jacey waiting to clean-up the throw-up!

Reyna sorting laundry.

Lizzy sorting.

Patti scooping out the throw-up to Jacey and Chelsie.

Emily, waisting no time and picking up
the throw-up with her hands.

Breanna threading her needle.

Katie threading her needle.

Jacey and Brindy making toast.

We are the Champions!!!

Receiving our instructions on how
to do things the right way.

March 4, 2009
We had a fun activity for mutual. A homemaking relay. The girls split into two teams. Then each girl was assigned a task to perform. 1st one girl on the team had to iron a shirt, sort laundry into whites and colors, next was really gross they had to clean up throw-up (oatmeal, grapes and various other items), sew on a button and the finally make toast, cut the crust off and then cut into fourths. It was really fun to see who knew how to to what. After the first round Patti and Alison demonstrated the correct way to perform each task. Then we did the relay again. They had lots of fun and we topped off the night with brownie sundaes.

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