Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Beginnings - "Soulvivor"

Last night we had our New Beginnings Program. We had a great time together. Our theme was "Soulvivor". We had a challenge round to begin each of the eight value activities. In the challenge round they were asked a questions that could be found in their Personal Progress books and the team/person who got the question right, there team was given a head start in the next value activity. After each activity the winning team was awarded a flag and the team at the end of the night with the most value flags was the winner of our "Soulvivor" challenge. The GOLD team was our winner for the night. After the activities we gave them a "Daily Soulvivor Kit" to help them survive in their ever day lives. Inside the kits were several items such as Life Savers, Band-aid, Rubber band, tooth pick, pencil . . . along with the items was a piece of paper with a saying about each item and a scripture reference. Finally we had Value colored cupcakes and yummy punch that Alison made. It was a fun night with our young women and their parents!

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