Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Our big winner of the night was Courtney with
a score of 145!! Congratulations!
Our biggest LOSER of the night was
Brindisy with a score of 19!

Striking a pose!

Looks like all of the balls at the bowling alley
were in the leaders ball return.

My goal for the evening was to beat Braden and
I did 93 to 92, better luck next time Braden!
There were lots of GUTTER BALLS tonight!!!!

Braden had an interesting way of bowling,
but it seemed to work well for him.
He always seems to make the YW blog.
The girls only alley.

Putting in the names.

Interesting style of bowling, Emily.

Jeni giving pointers on the best way to bowl.

Cute girls and Skyler!

Girls having fun!!

Some of the Young Men.

Alison putting in the names.

We went bowling tonight for our joint activity with the boys. On our way to the bowling alley some of us came upon an accident on 900 South. A lady driving down the street ran into a large trailer parked on the side of road. I called 911 and at the same time Jody was calling 911. The lady said she never saw the trailer because of the fog and it was dark. It crunched her car pretty good and her air bags had deployed and she was telling us her foot was hurting pretty bad, but she seemed to be in pretty good shape. Skyler was a great help to the lady and stayed by her side until the ambulance and the police arrived. Good job Skyler. Then we were finally on our way to bowl. We had a great time bowling, some of us were good and some of us were not so good, but we had lots of fun. Courtney was our big winner for the YW with a score of 145 and our big loser was Brindisy with a score of 19.

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